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  • Flow cell Accessories - Cathode Electrolyte Storage Tank 100ml
    Flow Cell Accessories Cathode Electrolyte Storage Tank

    Special Price ₹13,324

    Regular Price: ₹16,490

  • In-situ Raman spectroscopy Electrochemical cell 30ml
    In Situ Raman Spectroscopy Electrochemical Cell 30ml

    Special Price ₹163,219

    Regular Price: ₹202,004

  • H-Type Sealed Electrochemical Cell 60ml 100ml ID 24mm OD 40mm
    H Type Sealed Electrochemical Cell 60ml 100ml Id 24mm Od

    Special Price ₹39,972

    Regular Price: ₹49,470

  • Photoelectrocatalytic electrochemical cell sealed cell 70ml 120ml
    Photoelectrocatalytic Electrochemical Cell Sealed Cell

    Special Price ₹34,976

    Regular Price: ₹37,927

  • Double layer temperature controlled corrosion electrochemical cell 500ml
    Double Layer Temperature Controlled Corrosion

    Special Price ₹149,895

    Regular Price: ₹164,901

  • H type temperature controlled sealed electrochemical cell 50ml
    H Type Temperature Controlled Sealed Electrochemical Cell

    Special Price ₹54,962

    Regular Price: ₹68,022

  • Jacketed Standard Sealed Electrolytic Cell With Temperature Control 50ml
    Jacketed Standard Sealed Electrolytic Cell With

    Special Price ₹26,648

    Regular Price: ₹32,980

  • Sealed Electrochemical Cell 50ML
    Sealed Electrochemical Cell 50ml

    Special Price ₹11,242

    Regular Price: ₹13,914

  • L-Shaped Glassy Carbon Electrode PTFE Rod φ5mm
    L Shaped Glassy Carbon Electrode Ptfe Rod φ5mm

    Special Price ₹26,648

    Regular Price: ₹28,033

  • Ordinary Electrochemical Cell 500ML
    Ordinary Electrochemical Cell 500ml

    Special Price ₹12,491

    Regular Price: ₹15,666

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